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82 International Door & Operator Industry™ ASSOCIATIONNEWS September 19, 2017, had started as a normal day, a day where I got up to have breakfast with my parents and go to work. Mexico was commemorating the thirty-second anniversary of the greatest earthquake ever recorded without knowing that the history would repeat again. That day we had a simulation, which I didn't take seriously; I didn't realize what it represented. After that, we all returned to our workplaces to continue our activities. However, that day I had to go to a meeting in one of the most important areas of Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma Avenue. We arrived at the building, and our meeting was on the 11th floor, the nicest floor that I had always liked to go. It had an incredible terrace, coffee and a very pleasant atmosphere. Fortunately, the meeting was brief, but when I got off the elevator I began to feel inexplicable nerves. I had never felt like that before and I thought: "If an earthquake happened and I was here, what would I do?" I felt an inexplicable fear. When we departed the elevator, my friend asked the policeman, "What would you do if an earthquake begins?" The policeman answered without giving us much importance. Without being convinced with his answer, we left the building. It was 1:14 p.m. and we started walking when my friend told me, "It's shaking." Her face made me nervous because I still didn't feel it, I took her arm and I told her, "No, it isn't shaking" and as I just finished saying the last word the seismic alert began to sound. The movement was very strong, and I clung to her arm and began to breathe very fast, the movement was of such magnitude that we couldn't even walk. The trees, the poles, the cars, the monument of the Angel of Independence and everything moved from side to side. People ran like in the movies, people were screaming and me? I could only stand next to a light post, in shock, watching as everything moved around me, watching the buildings move from one place to another, crunching, drawing dust, and the people inside were trying to save themselves from the collapse. I was left without movement, crying, feeling the worst fear I've ever felt and By: Valeria García Same Tragedy… New Generation Same Tragedy… New Generation Editor's Note: Valeria Garcia is a past recipient of several IDA Scholarship Foundation scholarships, and spoke at one of the past IDAExpos. She has been very active assisting the IDA with social media activity in Mexico as well as supporting and promoting IDA among our Affiliates in Region 12. I asked her to prepare this article for our readers. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I, realizing just how thankful we all should be. Mexico City, September 19, 2017 (continued on page 85)

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