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V O L U M E 5 1 I S S U E 1 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 85 Continued on page 86 ASSOCIATIONNEWS thinking about my parents, just thinking about them, that I love them and wished with all my soul that they were safe. Suddenly a man came and took us both in the back and told us, "Move from here, the buildings can fall" and he took us to the middle of the avenue. After a few minutes, the movement stopped, all the people were on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, crying, nervous and taking out cellphones trying to have communication, however, there was no signal. I held back to cry, I took my cellphone desperately, I was shaking because of nerves. I couldn't even put my password on the phone, but I tried to communicate with my parents. Even though I received messages from my friends, I didn't want to spend battery time until I communicated with my parents. I remember that the man who helped us said to me, "Quiet, everything will be fine". My friend and I embraced and we started to cry. The whole crowd was on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, bewildered and restless, until someone screamed, "Don't smoke, there are gas leaks. Yes, the smell of gas was very strong, and then is when a human stampede started running in the direction of the monumento of the Angel of Independence, my friend held me and she never released me. We arrived at the monument of the Angel of Independence, when my dad's call came to me. When I heard his voice I felt relief, I told him that I was fine and fortunately he was fine, too. I breathed a breath of relieve when I heard him. However, within all those messages that I received from friends, I received one which said, "Valeria, is your mom okay? A part of the structure of the building of Liverpool fell down". In that moment, I felt that my heart stopped. I began to call my mom desperately, and when I saw that the call didn't enter I panicked. However, I was sure that she was fine. Suddenly, I got a message from an unknown number that said, "Your mom is fine," and I replied with a voice note saying,"Please tell my mom that I'm fine and my dad is fine, too. I'm in Reforma Avenue with my friend, can you send me a voice note from her please? " When I heard my mom's voice note saying," Ok, I'm dizzy but I'm fine, calm my love," I could only thank God because my family was fine. Time passed and everyone on Reforma Avenue was waiting for the inevitable reply, we tried to see where we could run, but sadly we realized that we were in an avenue full of huge buildings and we didn't have many escape options. We started to retrieve the phone signal, but there was no transport to return home. Seeing that nothing happened, I began to walk with my friend from the monument of the Angel of Independence to Polanco. I walked for two hours through the streets where there was thrown doors, structures of damaged buildings, buildings about to collapse and people in panic. I finally got to Polanco, went to my mom's job, and searched for her desperately until her friends told me that she had gone walking home. At that moment I called my boyfriend and told him. While I walked as fast as possible to go with my mom, I couldn't go faster anymore because I couldn't stand the pain of my feet. Twenty minutes passed and my boyfriend told me that he went to look for my mom and everything was fine. I then went to my office to rest a little and drink water. Later my boyfriend and I went with my mom to check ourhouse and wait for dad. No matter whatever happened we were finally together. The following days the news was filled with videos, photos and testimonies of people who lost their house or a relative, and unfortunately the number of deaths increased. All that followed was a feeling of deep sadness, anguish and despair; everybody in social networks made publications in real time of what was needed and in what area of the City. Days after the earthquake, I couldn't be without doing something to help others, so I left my house to support those who lost theirs. Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, Mexico City, September 19, 2017 Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, Mexico City, September 19, 2017 Mexico City, September 19, 2017 Continued from page 82

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