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Many collection centers opened throughout the city, and people helped to remove debris, to give food to rescuers, to publish in real time on social media what was needed, all Mexicans joining in a single action. I remember well what I felt before, during and after the earthquake, everything was very fast and at the same time it was very slow, by far, the longest minutes of my life. After the earthquake of September 19, 2017, I don't sleep the same, I don't breathe the same and I don't live the same. I try to think and reflect on how it was for me before that ASSOCIATIONNEWS day, before that moment, before that tragedy. It was a very strong emotional shock for everyone. There is nothing worse than suffering a tragedy such as this and not being prepared to face it. That day God shook the earth to shake us all, to discover what we have in our hearts and not forget it: faith, hope, solidarity, empathy and love. Mexico is a unique and unbreakable country, adversity has put us to the test, but I'm sure that we will continue to move forward. The earthquake of September 19, 2017 aroused panic, but also awoke many people. Mexico City, September 19, 2017 Mexico City, September 19, 2017 WWW.ADVANCEDPLASTIC.COM 3725 W. LUNT • LINCOLNWOOD, IL 60712 P hONe: 800-708-7527 • Fax: 847-674-2072 "P" "O" PB-100 "P" BULB CLO-400 "O" SEAL 15-PO NOTE: INSTALL wITh OPENINg fACINg AwAy frOm ANgLE STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 "Seal The Deal" with our Superior Designed... "P" & "O" STYLE BOTTOM SEALS! GET A PERFECT BULB EVERYTIME FOR A UNIFORM & RELIABLE SEAL! EASILy INSTALLED By BrINgINg BOTh ENDS TOgEThEr, INSErTINg ThE f OrmED ENDS INTO yOUr rETAINEr CrEATINg ThE PErfECT SEAL. • Available in "P" Bulb & "O" Seal Styles • Rolled flat to eliminate bulb deforming • Made of black flexible pvc material • Holds its shape and remains flexible from -40°F to 150°F • Forms a one inch ribbed bulb to eliminate sticking allowing maximum cushioning • Sold in rolls and is packaged UPS friendly • Eliminates waste and easy to store

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