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The official IDA mission statement is, "to enhance awareness, professionalism, safety and success of the door and access systems industry." This is what the directors, staff and members of IDA aim to do everyday for the industry they all love. However, it is not enough to simply try and fulfill this mission; IDA does accomplish all of these things and more! However, many members of the garage door industry are unaware of IDA and its services, or they believe they are better off not using the services IDA provides for any number of reasons. As many of the IDA Board of Directors will tell you, once you are able to talk to a potential member about IDA, there are a plethora of services to tell them about that they probably don't know of or don't utilize as a member. Here are ten of the most crucial benefits IDA offers – and member or not you should know about them. IDA offers a Member Service Program (MSP) that can save businesses tremendous sums of money throughout the financial year. Companies including HP, Sherwin Williams, Penske Truck Rentals, Staples and Exxon/Mobil all offer huge savings through the MSP. It is simple and easy to sign up. The IDA savings calculator is a window into savings. Just take a couple minutes to type in your company's annual spending on necessities such as payroll processing, office supplies and gas, and you will have a clear picture on how much being a member will save you each year. The TSYS member credit card processing program is one of the most valuable offered by IDA's MSP, and it is also one of the most highly praised. TSYS is one of the nation's leading providers of merchant services, offering solutions for business of all sizes and industries. Both Dealer and Industry members may take advantage of this member service. Those who use this benefit agree that it pays for the IDA membership dues by itself every year. TSYS offers a comprehensive selection of proven processing solutions, payment gateways and in-house credit card payment systems to meet the unique needs of your business. IDAssurance is a business insurance plan specifically for IDA members. IDAssurance offers members the chance to lower their upfront insurance premiums and receive the best possible insurance coverage available on the market today with Alliant, an admitted and licensed insurance provider. Market Hardware is the Preferred Website Marketing Provider for IDA. As a member, you are entitled to a free 30-minute website evaluation and web marketing consultation. Even if you love your current website – or your rank on Google – you should take advantage of this insightful benefit. Education is crucial in every industry and profession across the world. Many installers and techs believe that they know everything about their job and could not possibly learn anything from somebody else. Although IDA members have fantastic crews and techs on their staffs, it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks – especially when those tricks will make your services that much more desirable to customers. IDAExpo® is one of the biggest benefits the association offers to everyone who works with garage doors. Educational workshops, furthering education through testing and tons of exhibits over the course of several days is not only beneficial for all you will learn – it is an absolute blast. You won't be able to find another trade show like it in the world, and it is something that techs, owners and everyone in the garage door and access systems industry should be attending, The Regional Educational Workshops are one of the newest benefits members can access for free. IDA has visited cities such as Charlotte, Houston, Minneapolis and Cleveland to do continuing education workshops with some of the industry's bests, testing and exhibition. The IDA Product Reference Guide is an excellent stop for anyone who is looking for a certain product, for the right price near him or her. IDA members will have a step up on the competition because their products will be spotlighted on the website. This service is one IDA is truly proud of and tries to spread as much as possible for its members. Going along with number 8, the Membership Directory "Find a Dealer" search connects potential customers to IDA members and their services. Customers want to know they are having service done by the best in the business, and those who are members of IDA and are educated through IDEA are known as the best. This service lets those searching know whom they should bring their business to. This may not seem like a service you are missing out on, since you are reading about in the ID&OI magazine, but IDA's publications are often overlooked. With a distribution list in the tens of thousands, ID&OI could be your next step in marketing. A physical and electronic copy is sent out six times a year and a Spanish language edition is sent out four times. Many of the industry's top dealers display the magazine in their showrooms and thousands could see your products! IDA will continue to strive at making their services more beneficial and better known for years to come. As for now, if you enjoy being a member, remember these services and spread the word in the industry. If you haven't given them a try, head to and give them a shot. IDA strives to enhance awareness, professionalism, safety and success of the door and access systems industry and we promise we will continue doing just that! ASSOCIATIONNEWS By Roger Hoke Don't Miss Out On These Top Ten Services 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 92 International Door & Operator Industry™

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