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MAR-APR 2018

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PRESIDENT'S COMMENTARY By Ed Hermanns, President, International Door Association The IDA Board of Directors has been up to a lot - not only in the Committee and Board meetings, but also after the meetings, when most of the work is performed. Each committee has developed a 1-3-5 year plan which has been implemented. This is especially important, since board members rotate on a regular basis. New members are tasked with the obligation of picking up where others leave off. The Membership and Affiliates Committee is currently working on a marketing plan to attract new members. Since last year we have been fortunate to see membership growth exceed 2,000 members again. While this may seem like a lot, the committee does not think so. They also handle our Young Professionals Network also known as the YPN. Later in this publication the YPN has an informational section. If you know of anyone you feel should be part of this wonderful group, please pass this information on to them. IDA has conducted three regional meetings so far with seven more scheduled. The event dates and places are listed on the website, so look and see if there are any in your area. The IDA Scholarship Foundation, under the direction of IDA Vice President Chuck Colton has exceeded the one- million-dollar mark of scholarships awarded. This is an incredible achievement and I thank all of those who have contributed to this wonderful foundation. The Foundation Board has developed a new donation category. This was established for those wishing to name a scholarship in a company or individual's name. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Chuck or the IDA office. During the IDAExpo® the silent auction has produced wonderful results and will be conducted again in Las Vegas. If you have anything to donate to be part of the auction, please let us know. Technology & Education Committee is aggressively working on developing the web site in conjunction with IDEA, for use by all for training and to earn CEU's for those accredited dealers or certified individuals. Communications Committee is developing a new website that is easier to use with more enhancements. This new site will be mobile friendly, interactive and shortly after that an IDA app will come. Member Services Committee has established a "Paperless Committee" that has been investigating various vendors with the ultimate outcome to help door dealers have a paperless environment. A great new Industry Insights program has been developed to replace the previous Dealer-Fit. This is a new interactive program that you can customize for your company. The company E-Squared will have a workshop devoted to this new service and answer questions at the IDAExpo, so be sure to follow-up and see what it is all about and how your company can benefit. Heritage & Nominating Committee is always busy with finding new talent for those wishing to serve on the board of directors, as well as recognition award recipients. This may not sound like much, but it is a continual 12-month process. They are also working on developing an industry history book since we are nearing 100 years of the sectional garage door. IDAExpo Committee as they always do has produced another great show this year. With newly developed apps for the floor to education packed days coming to Las Vegas, this year surely is no gamble. The YPN's have developed an augmented reality program for the show floor and we have more vendors than ever. This is just a short list of the projects your Board of Directors is working on. If there is anything of interest or any suggestions, please let us know. You can contact any board member at any time by phone or email, Long & Associates staff members, or just simply forward it to comes directly to me. What Has Been Up To? See you at the 8 International Door & Operator Industry™

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