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MAR-APR 2018

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V O L U M E 5 1 I S S U E 2 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 15 ASSOCIATIONNEWS As we began this task we had high hopes we would be able to make a firm recommendation of a specific company to our dealers. We quickly realized there are a plethora of field service management software companies out there, many we did not even become aware of until after we began searching. But after many, many personal demonstrations and face-to-face meetings the only thing we were able to conclude so far is there are no companies that met all of the requirements on our wish list, but many very good companies out there that met a majority of the requirements we had, and a few that gave us additional items for our wish list. And we still have many more to research, but we realized if a whole group of dedicated individuals had this much trouble, it is wholly overwhelming to an individual dealer. So following is what we were able to determine was an important place to start with the information we have gathered and would like to share. What is Field Service Management software (FSM)? FSM helps you get the right technician to the job, prepared and on time, gives the technician access to the necessary information while they are there, and enables real-time transfer of information regarding what happens on the job to the back office. Selecting and implementing field service management software is a tall task for service businesses. There are a ton of capabilities, requirements and vendor specifics to consider before making a selection. That said, the software options and functionality available on the market today are vast. Some provide basic core functionality and remain simplistic; others are incorporating more cutting edge applications that take their field automation to the next level. Trying to determine the best fit for your organization can be challenging. For most The Trend Towards Paperless FIELD SERVICE AUTOMATION In response to requests from many dealers in the door industry, the IDA Member Services Committee has taken on the task of evaluating as many Field Service Management Companies as possible in the hope that we could create a resource for dealers to draw from and we can help narrow the search parameters to what works best for the Garage Door and Access systems industry... Continued on page 16

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