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MAR-APR 2018

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18 International Door & Operator Industry™ ASSOCIATIONNEWS Imagine having all of these efficient capabilities at your disposal. You could get rid of all your filing cabinets and quit worrying about not getting paid because you lost a work order form. Job Costing – Understanding customer requirements, generating and sharing quotes with them, tracking exact cost incurred during the service, and finally billing the customers for the service provided. A decent field service management tool is outfitted with job costing functionalities that help you charge your clients accurately. • Estimating and quoting available in the field Customer/Contact Management – Records, tracks and analyzes customer history as well as other details like contact information and payment preferences. It may feature a marketing component for reminding customers of routine maintenance schedules. The streamlining of customer communications offers hugely impactful operational efficiencies. Rather than using employee hours to send out messages, you can set up automatic emails, store and manage contact info and segment customers (based on duration since their last job, location etc.) Depending on how advanced the capabilities are, contact management functionality found in field service management software can include: • Automated communication: Notify customers automatically to remind them of their scheduled service or to schedule repeat services such as planned maintenance. • Customer segmentation: Group customers into segments based on geographical location, type of service, time since last job etc. to execute targeted communications. • Email marketing campaign management: Set up successful email marketing campaigns by tracking when emails are opened, when customers click through emails to your site etc. • Client portal or self-service portal - dedicated portal for customers to perform basic administrative activities such as making service requests, tracking job progress, making payments, giving feedback, import/export documents, communicating with service agents and more. • Some systems can take automated communications a step further and actually enable technicians and dispatchers to send updated arrival times if they're going to be later than planned. Some can even send a technicians photo and bio so customers will know who to expect to knock at their door. Just communicating effectively and keeping customers in the loop can curb the negative effects of being tardy or a customer feeling communication is lacking. Customization Opportunities - Look for a software solution that is completely customizable both for organizational needs as well individual needs. Below are some key customization features that a field service management tool may offer. • Custom forms - electronic forms that can be tailored according to business needs and can be used to capture information relevant to them – such Fire Door drop tests, UL325 compliancy forms, etc. • Customizable templates - Pre-built reporting documents for various business activities that can be tailored to create ready to use reports with business branding. • Customizable Reporting – Most FSM software provides standard reports, but the ability to create custom reports related to service items, contracts, revenue, history, etc. are important. These reports can be used to gain business insights allowing informed business decisions. • Forms management – Ability to create custom forms for capturing pre-and-post service details from managers, field technicians and customers. Invoicing and Payment options – With modern field service management software, generating invoices and receiving payments is easily manageable within a day. No longer will the gap between service being performed and time before the invoice can be mailed out and the even longer gap before payment is received exist. Most field service management apps offer invoicing and payment processing features that allow you to generate single or bulk invoices in a single click and receive instant payments through credit or debit card, check, cash or other modes. Below are a few invoicing and payment processing features you can expect in field service management software: • Payment processing - Some systems also enable mobile payments, allowing customers to make payments instantly after the service request is complete. • Credit Card processing – Capability to integrate with leading payment gateways for processing credit and debit cards. Some systems may only offer their own service. "A work order management system allows technicians to record service-call updates [immediately] making it easier to streamline your work process, prioritize service requests, assign requests to technicians and track job status." Continued on page 20 Continued from page 16

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