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MAR-APR 2018

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22 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ ASSOCIATIONNEWS Paperless Report Davisware / S2000 Vision Automated Integration ServiceTitan IDA Member YES! YES! YES! Ability to Communicate with Customers * * Ability to Communicate with Office/Tech Tech Access to Customer Information Other Than Assigned Job * * Android / IOS Compatible * Appointment List * Auto Price Adjustment * * * Barcode Creation Barcode Reading Calendar Integration * * * Capable of Importing QuickBooks Work History * Contract Management * * Choice of Maps Service * * Cloud Based / Software Based * C l o u d O n l y Creat Estimates in the Field Create PO's in the Field CRM Capabilities * * Customer Equipment Lists Customer Service History * Customized Forms * * * Dispatch Board * * Unassigned / Incomplete Queuing * Equipment Tracking GPS Routing / Best Route Suggesting * * Map View of all Techs in the Field * Map View of Jobs Marketing Campaign Reports / Materials * Mobile Invoicing and Payment Processing * Billing Through Software / App Mobile Work Order Alerts On the Fly Customer / Job Creation by Tech On the Fly Work Order Creation by Tech Optimized Scheduling * * Payment Accepted in the Field Pic / Document Attachments to Equip Digital Forms * * Product Tutorials * QuickBooks Desktop Integration * * * QuickBooks Online Integration * Accounting Software Integration (Other than QuickBooks) * * Reoccuring Appointments Setting Time Stamping / Payroll Report * * Reporting Capabilities * * Require Cell / Wi-Fi Connection * See Real Time Inventory Count * Signature Capture and Photo Notes Stand Alone Accounting Technician Can Change Schedule * * Training - Onsite /Online * * Unassigned / Incomplete Queuing * Windows / Mac Compatible * Work Order Status Updates * Point of Sale Module Package Options for Multi-State Companies * Customer Web Portal International Service / PM Contracts * Capture and Store Contract Data Configurable Templates Store Repair History Against Contracts Schedule Future, Repeated Maint. Services Against Service Contracts * * Inventory Management, Including Locations, Shipments Associate Assets to Work Orders on Accounts, Service or Maint. Contracts Pricing Structure One time investment of $20-$30,000 - This includes live training, credit card processor setup and software for both dispatch and field, and optimized mapping for dispatch. Monthly user fee of approx $50.00 per user, Annual support & maintenance fee of approx $2500.00 One-time investment is based on customer, between $5,000 and $10,000 range. User subscription is $50/month for Total Service Enterprise Users (back office) & $30/month for Tech Mobile - with a GPS option at $5.00/month/user Standard pricing starts at $295 per Revenue Generating Technician. All Office Staff is free and unlimited phone usage and tracking numbers are also complimentary Contact Ryan Hopper (847) 426-6000 x156 Rick Lanpher (214) 272-8360 Joseph Elias Phillips (213) 905-9031 Continued from page 20 *See note on page 20

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