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MAR-APR 2018

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V O L U M E 5 1 I S S U E 2 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 31 often staging material for each crew on carts. Thus, in larger dealerships, access to inventory is restricted to warehouse personnel only. 4. Racking : Proper racking, both inside and outside the building can be useful, but only if the racked material is frequently rotated and used. If racked material is not carefully watched, this material can be "out of sight, out of mind". If so, this material is soon ignored and can become obsolete 5. "The Pack Rat Mentality": Some door dealers who have been in business for many years and who particularly remember hard times, often become packrats, saving obsolete and "junk" materials on the outside chance it might sell are simply reminds them of a favorite job. Usually, keeping old operator parts, obsolete hardware and miss-ordered garage door sections with the hope of an eventual sale becomes wishful thinking. This behavior simply contributes to the continuation of a messy, unworkable warehouse. A clean, well-organized and systematic warehouse generates higher profits than a dis-organized "hell-hole" of a warehouse. However, an organized, functional warehouse takes time to develop, requires careful thought and logical systems. More importantly, successfully managing a workable warehouse requires strong discipline from all employees including owners, management, warehouse personnel and field employees. In the end, stronger profits and peace of mind make the effort needed to create a clean and efficient warehouse well worth the substantial effort needed to make this change. Employee morale will improve, and all will notice a positive difference in the company. Neat, clean and organized beats cluttered, messy and disorganized every time. John E. Zoller and David H. Bowen comprise Zoller Consulting, Inc. of Wooster, Ohio. Zoller Consulting provides consultation of managerial effectiveness and financial performance of construction related businesses. They also offer customized seminars and training sessions. In addition, Zoller Consulting provides acquisition management, including finding buyers or sellers, locating funding sources, transaction structuring, and negotiating and organizing the transition to new ownership. Contact Zoller Consulting, Inc. at 330.262.8500 or John@ Re-Source Industries Warehouse Crawford Supply Warehouse Cardinal Door Warehouse Sullivan Door Warehouse A Door Co., Hesperia, CA Warehouse Continued from page 28 MANAGEMENT

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