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MAR-APR 2018

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MANAGEMENT by John Zoller & David Bowen, Zoller Consulting, Inc. GARAGE DOOR ACTIVITY INDEX There are nearly 107.5 million residential garage doors installed in the just under 135.5 million U.S. housing units as of mid 2017. The following table summarizes the distribution of garage doors in place, but some clarifications are necessary to fully understand the data. 42 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ The focus here is on market size relative to demand for total home improvement expenditures. Thus, it is important to remember that this information relates only to numbers of dwelling units and doors, not to garage door configuration, type, size or design. Our extensive analyses of garage door configuration, attached or unattached garages and details relating to value have been published previously, and will be updated, but this article focuses solely on the scope of the residential retrofit market. Additionally, these data do not reflect the significant variations in garage door usage or characteristics by region, age of the structure or dwelling value. A garage door "unit" (the fifth column in the table), may be a single or two-vehicle door, and may be a simple pan design typical in modest new home construction or a very expensive furniture finished wood design. A housing unit with garage doors may have a single seven or eight- foot door or may include as many as five or more custom designed units. Housing units in large multi-unit structures that share common parking facilities typically employ coiling and in some cases high-speed doors that realistically belong to the commercial rather than residential market. In the table above, about 81.0% of the 501.9 thousand doors deployed in large multi-unit structures are coiling doors, grilles, high- speed (fabric or metal) or something other than conventional sectional doors. Garage Doors Well Positioned in Growing Home Improvement Market source: U.S. Census Bureau U.S. Housing Units & Garage Doors - mid 2017 Housing & Door Units = 000's Housing Units % of HU with NO GD HU with Garage Door Owner Occupied 1-unit plus 2nd & 3rd homes 71,074.2 17.32% 58,764.1 87,558.6 Renter Occupied + all other 1-unit dwellings 20,005.8 41.42% 11,719.4 10,195.9 Mobile homes, boats other movable units 7,525.7 70.80% 2,197.5 2,461.2 In multi-unit structures <5 units/structure 15,322.4 46.40% 8,212.8 6,734.5 In multi-unit structures 5+ units/structure 21,615.7 67.30% 7,068.3 501.9 U.S. Total 135,543.8 107,452.0 # of Garage Door Units (continued on page 44)

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