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MAR-APR 2018

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Continued on page ## 72 International Door & Operator Industryâ„¢ Continued from page 71 Continued on page 74 ASSOCIATIONNEWS work with have an optimistic "feeling" and "believe" the investments they are making in their businesses are paying off. Lots of door dealers today are happy with their growth but are pondering critical questions and are cautiously wondering what may be around the corner. They are asking questions like, "How do I stack up?" and "How are other businesses that look like ours doing?". Participation in INDUSTRY INSIGHTS is your opportunity to quantify the results of your company in ways you may have never looked at before and get answers to some of the critical questions you may be asking. This benchmarking opportunity will highlight areas of strength and opportunity as you compare yourself to your peers around the industry. Here are just a few of many reasons why participation in this process can be extremely beneficial to your door dealer business: 1. Understand your business and metrics well before the prospect of an economic downturn. Many of us in the industry are looking ahead and trying to determine what we may want to do with our organization in the near future. This benchmarking and analysis system will allow you to make informed decisions about your next steps. This analysis will identify for you key areas of concern to address and determine your financial strengths before an economic downturn. E Squared has heard from several business owners in the industry about the desire and ability to withstand any future market correction; wondering if they can endure it again. By seeing how your organization ranks and performs among your peers, you may be able to better protect your business or possibly determine if now is the time for you to transition to new business ownership. INDUSTRY INSIGHTS will help you to make choices with confidence and track your progress based on evidence rather than opinions and thoughts. 2. Empowering your organization with knowledge. INDUSTRY INSIGHTS is designed to be a tool that allows you to share information with key members of your organization to better understand the industry and how you stack up. This benchmarking will provide clear evidence of where opportunities lie to improve your efficiency and effectiveness. INDUSTRY INSIGHTS will provide you with a firm foundation for building a solid business plan to ensure that you are better prepared for any market changes. 3. Determine if the investments and improvements you have been making in your business are paying off. INDUSTRY INSIGHTS will give you measurable results for all major financial indicators and industry specific metrics. Many members have participated in historical benchmarking exercises provided by the industry in the past and this assessment will let you see how you have improved. If you have never participated in a benchmarking exercise, this will be your chance to get a baseline and see how your operation performs against your peers. What will INDUSTRY INSIGHTS provide for IDA Members to help them in answering these critical questions and gain valuable insight? With E Squared Consulting, using its powerful INDUSTRY INSIGHTS system, each participating member will receive a very detailed financial and business analysis that includes vital ratios, key percentages, and peer comparisons while providing several NEW and IMPROVED benefits for participants. Participants will be provided with industry specific metrics and in depth financial analysis centered around REVENUE, PROFITABILITY, BREAKEVEN PROFITS, WORKING CAPITAL, CASH FLOW, and many more.

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