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MAR-APR 2018

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82 International Door & Operator Industry™ We are so excited for Las Vegas being the IDAExpo® city. The YPN has been hard at work creating multiple things for everyone to enjoy this year. We have a great speaker, a happy hour, an augmented reality game and an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with a multitude of people. The YPN is honored to have a fantastic millennial speaker this year, Mr. Shaun Hall. He is a motivational speaker and a techie that has an impressive outlook on business and the younger generations. In the YPN's first session he will be talking about how to successfully "get things done in an age diverse work force". For young professionals there can be difficulty in sharing thoughts and ideas effectively with people of other generations. Shaun will discuss tips and ideas to help improve understanding. When everyone is speaking the "same language" everyone can be more productive and successful. After the first session, Shaun will then help the YPN host a round table event. This event will be lead by YPN professionals who are leading our industry as well as the advisory council. In this session we will break attendees into groups. The conversation will start with what Shaun Calls "pain points" in our industry - things that affect all of the door industry and are something most of us encounter on a continuous basis. The group leaders will be happy to answer questions and we will be encouraging you to do this same. What topics we cover will be directed by the attendees in the group. We will share thoughts ideas and learn what other people are doing that may help you as well. The leader will be keeping us on topic and changing discussion directions if needed. This is open to everyone, please feel free to come, listen or share to encourage and help continue moving our industry forward. We've hosted a happy hour the past few years and plan on hosting one again. This event is for YPN members and IDA members that are 35 and under. This is an opportunity to meet up with other young professionals in a relaxing atmosphere and discuss our lives, and jobs. It's a great time to catch up on the contacts you have made in the past and gives you the opportunity to make new ones. YPN will have an impromptu breakfast at the opening of the IDAExpo just for us. YPN-GO! YPN-GO! This is something we are all SUPER excited about. This will be a game that goes the whole way thru IDAExpo and ends on Saturday. By downloading the App Layar and visiting our YPN seminars and the YPN sponsor's booths you will get the opportunity to find a poster, scan it with the App, and find a playing card. At the opening of IDAExpo visit our booth to pick up a playing card and instructions. As you visit booths and enjoy the show scan the poster. When you find out which card it is, write the company on the spot on the card. Every two hours the design will change, don't hesitate to return to the booths and scan again! Once you have an YPN-GO (BINGO) bring the card back to the booth, put your name, number and address on it and pick-up a prize! The best part, you can play again! Pick up another card and start over. You can play as many times as you want. On Saturday its gets a little faster paced, and if you didn't finish a card the day before you have the chance. For the shortened day, cards will be changing every hour, but instead of just a bingo, we are looking for a black out, meaning all spots filled in. Once your card is filled bring it to the booth for your prize. At 1:30 pm on Saturday we would like to have every card turned back into the YPN booth. At 1:45 a grand prize winner will be drawn from the cards that are turned in. With the name, number and address on the card, you don't have to be there to win! For more information and to be aware of any possible changes to our planning, make sure to "Like" our Facebook page. We will keep it updated with information you may need in planning your trip to the IDAExpo. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send an email to any of the YPN representatives or to post on our Facebook page. We will get back to you as quickly as we can! Hope to see you there! ASSOCIATIONNEWS By Melissa Whitacre Young Professionals Network Council in Las Vegas... Let's Play YPN-GO! in Las Vegas... Let's Play YPN-GO!

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