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MAY-JUN 2018

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PRESIDENT'S COMMENTARY By Ed Hermanns, President, International Door Association W ell, now that the 2018 IDAExpo ® is over, what's next? Like I did, you no doubt had a great time, met up with some friends you haven't seen since the last Expo, and enjoyed a drink or two. Like the majority of attendees, you sat in on some great seminars, talked with several vendors, and discovered new products to help you enjoy a more productive and profitable year. Again, if you are like I was, before you departed Las Vegas you had time to think about it all. You may have told yourself, "This is the year I will return home to work on my business and not get bogged down, but to strictly work in and on my business." The IDAExpo is one of those events and times when we truly get to put on our "self-constructive criticism hats," and examine what we do and how we do it. IDAExpo attendees share ideas with others and make new friends who can help them when implementing new or different processes and procedures. So, now that we're home and back in our leadership positions, it's time to hold our own feet to the fire. So I ask, "Are you going to take the next step and use everything you learned and discovered?" One idea I learned a few Expo's ago was the importance of setting aside time each week with my office door shut for two hours and spending that time working on my business. The idea was sound. I agreed with it, and understood the importance of it. However, I never implemented it. This year I'm taking this wise advice and assigning someone in my organization to hold my feet to the fire. I will organize all the issues that I feel need to be addressed, and the information I learned at Expo. I am creating a game plan and will initiate it. If I say so myself, that's truly getting full value from attending the IDAExpo. So now, I suggest it is time to accept this challenge: Join me in doing something different, initiating some constructive changes, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Follow Through 8 International Door & Operator Industry™

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