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MAY-JUN 2018

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26 International Door & Operator Industry™ International Door & Operator Industry™ 26 Here's a primer… Ever noticed when you surf the Internet and visit a specific site, an ad from that site starts to pop up periodically when you visit other Websites? Chances are it's happened to you already today. And, it's one of the biggest Web Marketing game-changers for 2018 – one that can work to get you more business this year. Retargeting is 2018's best Web Marketing strategy for putting your business back in front of consumers who have previously visited your Website or even just searched for your products or services. It combines two specific tools: Site Retargeting and Search Retargeting. What is Site Retargeting? When someone visits your Website and leaves, they get tagged as "Interested Consumers." Then, as they visit their favorite News, Weather and Sports Websites on the Web, they see your ad, which in turn reminds them to return to your site and contact you. What is Search Retargeting? When someone searches for your products or services, but doesn't find your business listed, they are identified as an "Interested Prospect." They Continued on page 28 Display Ad Retargeting: In the constantly evolving world of Web Marketing, can your business really afford to overspend on an outdated Web Marketing strategy like Pay-Per-Click? Full disclosure – Yes, there are certain situations where Pay-Per-Click marketing can be very effective for garage door professionals. But more often than not, it's become cost-prohibitive for most businesses in 2018. Instead, savvy business owners are finding far more success implementing a strategy known as Retargeting. 2018's Affordable Replacement for Expensive Pay-Per-Click Ads DISPLAY AD RETARGETING DISPLAY AD RETARGETING SALES&MARKETING By Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing for Market Hardware, Inc.

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