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damaged by the fork truck because they have increased congestion and clutter in the traffic lanes. • Dock Boards: Many warehouse docks have removeable boards that shift during use. Regular inspections of the feet are important as well as safe storage when not in use. • Dock Dropoff: Making sure both employees and fork trucks do not end up falling off docks is very important in warehouse safety. There are several options that companies can utilize to protect the dock itself – first is making sure the edge is painted so all know where it is – and to protect the people and equipment. From nets to electronic sensors to steel gates that prevent a fork truck from driving off, there are a variety of options that all make this area of the warehouse safer. SAFETY TRAINING Nothing is more important than making sure your employees not only know proper safety regulations and guidelines but that they also know how important safety is to your company. OSHA regulations are very clear on the guidelines that employers must provide when it comes to a safe workplace ( responsibility.html). Employees that may be placed in hazardous situations are mandated to have safety training – this typically is managed by a company's warehouse supervisor or safety manager. OSHA offers a variety of training tools that are ideal for employee education. From videos to online web-based training (English or Spanish) to training center classes to written materials, the Department of Labor has a solution for any size company. Many companies that have placed an added incentive on safety training over the years have received OSHA grants to complete specific training materials that all companies care review and share. Those can be found at grant_materials/material_listing_topic.html, though there are currently no new grants being given for new materials. GEAR & GUARD RAIL All employees need safety equipment and gear in a warehouse. The basic equipment includes such items as face shields, eye wear, gloves, high-visibility vests, ear protection, and steel-toe boots. Gear can be for the warehouse itself, as well – signs, floor mats, wall railings, first-aid kits, and a binder of all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemicals, paints, and cleaning supplies in the warehouse. For areas from the dock to rack storage areas, guard rail is an essential safety tool to separate truck traffic from employee walkways. Thousands of fork truck accidents occur each year and the clearer the line between pedestrians in the warehouse and fork trucks, the better the chance you'll have an opportunity to avoid unnecessary accidents. COLLISION PROTECTION The busier warehouses get the more common it becomes for accidents to happen between fork trucks and other loaders. The top reason for these collisions is not user error but instead a lack of visibility in the warehouse for the drivers. Ends of racks that are not near docks become storage areas, sometimes just for a few hours a day, but that's long enough for an accident to occur. Having storage or trash at the end of a rack prohibits good vision for the fork truck driver, who already at times has a partially obscured view of the upcoming area thanks to the load his truck is carrying. Electronic collision sensors can provide safety alerts to prevent two drivers or a driver and a pedestrian from colliding at an intersection. SPECIALIZED SAFETY Every warehouse has needs that are individual to the design of the facility, and those needs are just as important as others. One that can relate to dock and door safety is the protection of building columns, gas pipes, electrical units, and indoor drains, all of which can be located near a dock or commercial door. One Atlanta company recently had its fork truck driver back into the building column, which resulted in $19,000 in roof damage, plus the area was closed for repair for several weeks and unable to be used for business. Protecting these areas with a simple guarding solution can cost less than $1,000 and protect a company's top and bottom lines. For more information about basic warehouse safety, visit Dan Gentile is president of "Save"ty Yellow Products, based in St. Charles, Illinois. "Save"ty Yellow Products is an industry leading producer of facility asset protection and safety products used in manufacturing, distribution centers and warehouse facilities. ASSOCIATIONNEWS (continued from page 41) Outdoor hand rail is designed to provide fall protection along docks. Dock gates differ in size and strength to protect both fork trucks and employees in the area from falling. In many parts of the country, open docks are common so gates provide fork trucks and employees with fall protection. 42 International Door & Operator Industry™

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