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MAY-JUN 2018

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INDUSTRYNEWS In this modern electronic age, we can sometimes find ourselves displaced from humanity and no longer have the strong con- nections that we used to. But that's not always the case. I was fortunate enough to bear witness to an absolutely heart melting experience recently. I was added to a Facebook Group named Garage Door Tech DEPLORABLES. At first glance, you would think that it's just a bunch of door tech rejects that couldn't play nice with others (guilty here). And while that may be partially true, what ended up forming was a group of technicians and business owners who were able to express themselves how they truly felt and formed a brotherhood. This was put to the most extreme test possible when one of our brothers from Dallas, Texas fell victim to a vehicular accident which ended up taking his life. John Cabot, born November 8th, 1974, died February 24th, 2018, husband to Joy Cabot. After the accident, John hung on with all his remaining strength for almost 2 weeks. Members of the group who knew him and lived in his area started a GoFundMe page for him to help cover the medical bills. Special thanks to Kristina Schussler and Scott Schussler of McKinney Garage Doors for setting this up, even though he was their competition. This GoFundMe page was shared to all of the other Garage Door Tech Groups on Facebook and raised $3,069.00! Amazing! Sadly, John lost the fight. Now widowed, his wife Joy was left in despair and with a home that John was in the middle of renova- tions. Lights flickering, roof leaking, siding and insulation half off of the walls. Yet once again, members of the group stepped up and came to the rescue. On Saturday, March 3rd, a group of 8 people spent their time off to pitch in what they could. Scott Schussler, Kristina Schussler, Shaun Neice, Christopher Nordling, Brianna Nordling, Jess Slaugh, Courtnay Albertson, and John Blaskovich all spent the day with Joy and helped to rebuild her house. Also left behind was their business. John being the lead technician with Joy assisting, they had no other employees. And so they had no one to field all of their calls. Then along came many more superheroes Scott and Veronica Welborn of Complete Overhead Door of Rowlett, TX and all of their employees. They picked up John's business line and ran all of their calls with their technicians, but gave all of the money to Joy. The technicians still received their regular pay for the jobs, but the owners kept none of it. John Cabot INDUSTRY HUMANITY IN ACTION By Kyle Hart, Canadian Doormaster Electric Ltd. Join IDA Now! Half-year rates on Installing Servicing Dealers (US and Canada) and Industry categories from July 1 – September 30. Plus, if joining as an Installing/Servicing Dealer member (US and Canada), receive a certificate for one free full registration to the 2018 IDAExpo in Las Vegas! Why Join? • Networking • Events • Professional Development • Learning Best Practices • Information/News • Save $ through the Member Savings Program & Credit Card Processing Program • IDAssurance program • IDA Dealer Locator Websites • Support IDA's Mission Join online at Select the 'Join' button IDC Wins Preventive Maintenance Agreement for Doors at Genentech For more than three decades, Industrial Door Company has been serving Sacramento and its surrounding areas. Now, we're excited to announce that we're partnering with biotech giant Genentech to perform preventive maintenance on their Vacaville manufacturing facility's many gates and gate operators, safety doors, and loading dock equipment. Genentech's Vacaville facility manufactures many of the company's world-renown medicines that are used to treat patients with serious medical conditions.

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